World Record 2002

Highest number of minerals contained.

Monde Selection, International
Institute for Quality Selections

Food Division Gold Medal 8 times in row.
Life Ocean Salt is only the company who has
this record in the world food industry.

Japanese Ministry of Business Encouragement Award 2003



"I was so surprised with the taste of Life Ocean Salt. It's not only "less salty" taste. It scatters in your whole mouth".
- Mr. Hiroshi Ishinabe, a French "Iron Chef", most popular TV cooking program "Iron Chef"

"The taste of Life Ocean Salt does differentiate the taste of fish and vegetables. Among all the salt I have ever experienced, it's definitely the best".
- Mr. Koji Tokuoka, the Owner of Kicho Japanese restaurant chain, traditional Japanese tea-ceremony dishes

At a World Summit of 6 developed countries held in Okinawa in 2000, Life Ocean Salt was the designated cooking salt chosen by chefs for all dishes cooked during the event.

Although not widely available until now, Life Ocean Salt has been featured in both print and TV in Japan. Over the last 10 years, Life Ocean Salt’s reputation and recognition has grown. The following is a list of media outlets where Life Ocean Salt has been featured

3. TV

TV Fuji
TV Japan
NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation)
TV Tokyo
TBS (Tokyo Broadcasting System)
KBS (Korea Broadcasting System)


Daily Yomiuri
Sankei Shimbun
World Times
"Delicious", Katei Gaho