About Life Ocean Salt


1. 100% natural

Life Ocean Salt is made of pure Okinawan blue ocean water, considered to some of thecleanest and clearest ocean water in the world. There are no additives or preservativesand is 100% pure natural. Life Ocean Salt contains 25% less sodium chloride compared tomost other salt products on the market. Salt has been said to be an "enemy of health",but this applies to what people refer to as regular salt in which lumps of sodium chlorideremain after removing water and minerals from seawater.The Okinawan Islands are in the Pacific and is the southernmost part of Japan,approximately 3,000 kilometers away from Tokyo. Okinawa is known as the land oflongevity and many attribute this to the unique diet and intake of healthy food products ofthe Okinawan people.

The Okinawa islands are in the Pacific and is the southernmost part of Japan, 2000 miles away from the Eastern Japan earthquake and tsunami disaster that occurred in early 2011. Though regionally it is closer than the US, there have been NO toxic elements or radiation detected by independent laboratory testing at the Life Ocean Salt facility.


2. Highest number of natural quality minerals contained

In 2002, Life Ocean Salt honorably received the Guinness World Record for the highestnumber of minerals contained (21). The quality of each mineral is very close to what isfound in nature because of the unique production process of Life Ocean Salt which is patentedin all major countries. This production process is called "Mist-Dry" and only uses warmair (50 C’). As a result, the production contains all the minerals that accumulates into apile which is Life Ocean Salt.

Attached chart: Table of mineral content (compared with other products)

3. Most reputable tasting ocean salt

Life Ocean Salt received Mode Food Selection Award Gold Medal 6 times in row. Life Ocean Salt has also received accolades and recommendations from the famous French Iron Chef, Mr. Ishinabe and Mr. Tokuoka, the owner of "Kicho", the most reputable traditional Japanesefood restaurant chain.


about us

C.T.M. Project Management, LLC (“C.T.M.”) was established in 2011 and is based in sunny Southern California in the city of Irvine. C.T.M. imports high quality natural food products from Okinawa and sells them in North America. Okinawa is the southernmost part of Japan and over 3,000 kilometers away from the Eastern Japan earthquake and tsunami disaster that occurred in early 2011. Okinawa consists of 161 islands and was called the Kingdom of Ryukyu for 400 years before it was taken over and renamed by the modern Japanese Meiji government. The people of Okinawa enjoy the greatest longevity in the world with six times the number of centenarians per hundred thousand than the United States.


Notable differences in health between Okinawa and the United States are:


1. The occurrence of heart disease in Okinawa is one fifth of that in the U.S.

2. Prostate and ovarian cancer are less than one quarter of what it is in the U.S.

3. The risk of North American women getting breast cancer during a lifetime is approximately one in ten, whereas 6 out of 100,000 Okinawan women will die from breast cancer.

4. If Americans lived more like Okinawans, it could be that 80 percent of the nation's coronary care units, one-third of the cancer wards, and countless nursing homes would be shut down or nonexistent!

C.T.M. strives to be the #1 distributor of Okinawan healthy food/Non-Genetically Modified Organism ("NGMO") natural products in North America.