Life Ocean Salt Sports Drink

After a good workout or exercise, your body has lost a considerable amount of water and mineral elements through sweat. These are essential elements (electrolytes) and need to be supplemented back into the body. The body will not recover as optimally as it can when you are rehydrating with electrolyte rich Nutri-masu salt. As an athlete, you cannot afford to lose the competitive edge when in the game. Energy is key to performance if you are serious athlete. Life Ocean Salt is an ideal supplement to replace the minerals that your body needs to make energy and perform at its highest potential.


100% natural clean ocean water, NO artificial ingredients and preservatives.

No sugar.

Highest number of minerals contained.
  Guinness Book of World Record.

Absorbs easily and quickly into the human body.
  Life Ocean Salt particle is extremely small, even smaller than nanometer.

An effective recovery from fatigue and weariness.
  Combination of 100% natural salt that is completely pure, only containing a well-balance of natural ocean water minerals.

Cost effective
  Only 10-15% compared to the cost of a regular sports drink!

 Life Ocean Salt
 $0.20-0.30/per bottle
 x 365 days= $73.00-109.50


Regular sports drink
$1.25-2.00 per bottle
x 365 days= $456.25-730.00

  Only 1-2 your own bottles/year vs 365 plastic bottles/year or more!



“Life Ocean Salt is one of the most unique products for replacing depleted electrolytes that I have ever used. It is balanced in the minerals needed to keep the body functioning at its highest potential. If you want to have more energy and peak performance, Life Ocean Salt will get you there.”

Joshua Berka, Naturopathic Medical Doctor


"It was so hot during US Open 2010 and everybody was so hot and tired. I used Life Ocean Salt to replace the minerals I lost. It worked great! I felt physically well-balanced and active to the end."

Ai Miyasato, professional golf player, world ranking No. 3


"Easy to use and dissolve well in water. It keeps our body ready to fight! Ever since we started using this, it hardly makes our body feel tired like before."

William Miura and Alex Mikasa
World karate tournament, Sabaki Challenge fighters