Ocean Salt (“Nuti-Masu”)

This is the healthiest ocean salt product on the market.

• Lowest percentage of sodium chloride; 25% less than regular table salt products. Products with lower sodium chloride levels and been found to be Beneficial for people who have high blood pressure.

• Highest percentage of potassium. Potassium helps lower your blood pressure by causing the kidneys to excrete sodium chloride.

• Contains the highest number of minerals

• Made of 100% natural Okinawan ocean water

• The salt is produced by a “Mist Dry” technique, which is a unique patented production where the natural salt minerals are unchanged and remain in their pure state.

Major awards received:
• 2002 Guinness World Records (Contains the largest number of minerals).

• Monde Food Selection Award: Received the Gold Medal seven times in row.

For more information on Nuti-masu, please visit our website at www.lifeoceansalt.com.